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I want kids but don't know how to go about it or who to see about vasectomy reversal?
Vasectomy Reversal - 2 answers
My partner (53yrs old) had a vasectomy over 20yr ago on NHS; now we want kids of our own. How do we go about it? Will it work? I'm only 31 and have 2 daughters myself from a previous relationship. Read more
I never experienced this before. What should I expect?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
30 days ago had vasectomy and had epididymitis and on left side pain from varicocele after vasectomy. Read more
Considering a redo but I'd like to fix just the one failed side. Is there any possible way to find the blocked side before going into reversal again?
Low sperm count after reversal. Any possible way to find out what side is working? I previously had 3 children relatively easily, with the youngest just 6 years old. I believe the reversal failed on one side (s... Read more
What were vasectomy clips made of in 1980? I need an MRI. I seem to recall my doctor saying they were made out of gold. Any idea?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
I had a very successful vasectomy in 1980. Now I need an MRI and the practice where I had the surgery performed has not existed in decades. I'm trying to find out if they were made of a material that would be a... Read more
How is this possible? Am I still good to go with unprotected sex?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
I never had a ‘clear’ sample. A sample showed 1 dead sperm 5 years after my vasectomy. Many months later, I was still showing < 5 dead sperm and figured I was good. I’ve read about areas where sperm can �... Read more
Should I have another vasectomy?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
I had a vasectomy with excision, both ends cauterized, and fascial interposition. Sperm were then found in the first semen test 15 weeks and 20+ ejaculations later. Read more
Can this lump be from a vasectomy knot from 20 years ago?
Vasectomy - 2 answers
I have a lump in a testicle, and it has gotten quite larger in the past 6 months to the size of a grape. Read more
I have an appointment to help control the pain next Tuesday, but I'm getting really stressed and worried now. What can I do?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
Hello, I had a vasectomy last week. I have a painful "swelling" (mid-hard at palpation) like a small ball. Only my left testicle is sensitive and painful (right side is normal for now). I also feel some "tensio... Read more
Can enough sperm be retrieved from the vas def 3 months post-vasectomy to perform an IUI?
My husband had a vasectomy in July 2019 and it was confirmed in October he is sterile. We’ve since decided we made a terrible mistake and we’d like 1 more child to complete our family. We don’t want a rev... Read more
Can a short vas cause post-vasectomy complications?
Right vas is shorter than left (born that way). MD had trouble isolating right vas during initial consultation but said it could be done. A week after surgery, I experienced intense pain on right side of scrotu... Read more
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What happened? What did he cut, and what are the possible side effects?
Vasectomy - 2 answers
I had a vasectomy done in April 2019; the doctor cut and burned the tubes. I ejaculated over the number of times recommended by the doctor and waited over 3 months for the last test of semen. Now the doctor wan... Read more
Does this mean I'm good to have sex and ejaculate inside my spouse?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
My results said the following: 0 motile + 1 non-motile sperm seen 20x per HPF Read more
Is this not a hematoma after all?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
I am 3 weeks post-vasectomy and have a baseball-sized hematoma on the left side. I also have a varicocele on the same side. It's painful to touch on the bottom of the left testicle where the varicocele is. It d... Read more
What happens if you are celibate after a vasectomy?
Will you get an all-clear test if you wait long enough or do you absolutely have to ejaculate a certain amount of times? Wondering if the sperm will eventually just die in the vas deferens and therefore ejacula... Read more
I have inflammation within my scrotum 1 year after a successful vasectomy. Could a clip have come loose, causing this problem?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
I had a vasectomy a year ago and all has been well. In the last few days, there has been inflammation within my scrotum. The inflammation doesn't appear to be one of the testicles, but I am additionally having ... Read more
Has my vasectomy failed? I had the procedure in December 2018 and semen analysis shows I'm still not sterile.
Vasectomy - 2 answers
I had a vasectomy performed in December 2018. As of my last monthly semen analysis in August 2019, I am still not sterile. My urologist wants to continue semen analysis with the belief that everything has yet t... Read more
Is recanalization/failure possible after a vasectomy?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
I had a bilateral close-ended vasectomy in 2011. During the procedure, I had 1cm of vas from each side removed and the ends were ligated, cauterized, and the fascial sheath interposed between the ends of the va... Read more
What are the chances of a naturally conceived child following bilateral epididymectomy?
General - 2 answers
I had a vasectomy in 2000; a bilateral granuloma removed in 2002; hydrocele, hematoma, and cyst removal in 2003; bilateral epididymectomy in 2004. What are my chances of naturally conceiving a child? Read more
I had a no-scalpel vasectomy 3 weeks ago and my left side still aches. What's causing this? Should I be worried?
I had a no-scalpel vasectomy 3 weeks ago. The left side still aches and is tender. The right side is fine. I'm worried because it's been 3 weeks now and I was advised I should be fine after 1 week. Read more
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