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How do I understand these post vasectomy lab results?
My lab result says: Present: Desired result: None seen Comments: rare sperm observed ( Read more
Hole around incision
Vasectomy - 1 answer
My husband had his vasectomy 11 days ago, there is a suture in place still, but above it and to the right of it there are holes in his scrotum. No discharge, no redness but on an off pain and pretty rough bruis... Read more
My partner is 40+ and had a vasectomy a few years ago. When we have sex he finishes but no ejaculate comes out. Is this normal?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
My partner is 42 and had his vasectomy a few years ago. He doesn’t lack ejaculate every time we have sex, only every now and then. He tells me he has “finished” but I worry he hasn’t. He claims this is ... Read more
I’ve read about blood clots forming and becoming large. What’s the most likely scenario?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
I had a vasectomy 2 weeks ago. I had a lot of bruising & swelling which is going away, but I have a large lump on one side of my scrotum. I’ve read about sperm granulomas on forums but they talk about being t... Read more
Is it normal to feel like the vas running from my testicle is attached to my incision spot?
I'm about 8 weeks post-op, and my right testicle feels as if the end of the vas that was cut is connected to my scrotum at the incision site. It's quite painful during certain sexual encounters and during ejacu... Read more
Is this normal?
I recently had a vasectomy 12 days ago. One testicle seems healed and back to its normal size where the other has not healed properly yet and still quite big. It’s not hurting and doesn’t seem to be swollen... Read more
What is the chance of his body rehealing again? I am now desperate for another baby.
Vasectomy - 2 answers
My husband had a vasectomy in 2011. We got pregnant in 2015 and then again in 2016. He then had a second vasectomy. Read more
Is there anything I can do to cure impotence after sildenafil and Cialis have stopped working?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
I had a vasectomy in 1997. 12 years later I had a double epididymectomy. It caused erectile dysfunction after the op so I used Sildenafil and Cialis which helped 60% of the time. I'm now 54 and neither of these... Read more
Can I have my epididymis removed completely instead of just having the vas deferens cut and sealed?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
if so would that be done in office with local anesthetic or would that require general anesthesia and an operating room? Read more
I was born with undescended testicles and had surgery when I was 2 years old. My scrotum has pretty thick scars on them. Would this cause issues?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
Both testicles did not descend; both were retrieved and implanted into my scrotum. It has disfigured my scrotum with deep grooves where the scars are. Read more
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Any advice on healing the hematoma and the incision sooner would be greatly appreciated.
I had my NSV 10 days ago. I had a hematoma about the size of an egg come up over the left testicle about 4 days after. Also, my incision on the left side started bleeding slightly yesterday and has not let up. ... Read more
How long should it take for the swelling, bruising, and pain to go away?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
I had my vasectomy a week ago. While I did go back to work, I've been wearing a jockstrap daily and haven't been doing any heavy lifting. However, the left side of my scrotum is still in pain, bruised, and quit... Read more
I had my vasectomy at 26. I'm now 50, single, and have no desire to date. What purpose do the testicles provide at this stage?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
The reason I ask is I have been contemplating having them removed altogether. I am a crossdresser and having them removed would be a lot simpler than the whole procedure I have to go through to make my clothes ... Read more
Hello. I had a vasectomy 9 days ago and have a bit of discharge that’s red and a little bloody from time to time on the right side. Is this safe?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
No yellow discharge; mostly red and not all day--it’s from time to time and only on one side. Also, would it be safe to sit on a bicycle seat and ride for say 10-20 miles? May I start doing light weight train... Read more
I want kids but don't know how to go about it or who to see about vasectomy reversal?
My partner (53yrs old) had a vasectomy over 20yr ago on NHS; now we want kids of our own. How do we go about it? Will it work? I'm only 31 and have 2 daughters myself from a previous relationship. Read more
Considering a redo but I'd like to fix just the one failed side. Is there any possible way to find the blocked side before going into reversal again?
Low sperm count after reversal. Any possible way to find out what side is working? I previously had 3 children relatively easily, with the youngest just 6 years old. I believe the reversal failed on one side (s... Read more
What were vasectomy clips made of in 1980? I need an MRI. I seem to recall my doctor saying they were made out of gold. Any idea?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
I had a very successful vasectomy in 1980. Now I need an MRI and the practice where I had the surgery performed has not existed in decades. I'm trying to find out if they were made of a material that would be a... Read more
Can this lump be from a vasectomy knot from 20 years ago?
Vasectomy - 2 answers
I have a lump in a testicle, and it has gotten quite larger in the past 6 months to the size of a grape. Read more
I have an appointment to help control the pain next Tuesday, but I'm getting really stressed and worried now. What can I do?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
Hello, I had a vasectomy last week. I have a painful "swelling" (mid-hard at palpation) like a small ball. Only my left testicle is sensitive and painful (right side is normal for now). I also feel some "tensio... Read more
Can enough sperm be retrieved from the vas def 3 months post-vasectomy to perform an IUI?
My husband had a vasectomy in July 2019 and it was confirmed in October he is sterile. We’ve since decided we made a terrible mistake and we’d like 1 more child to complete our family. We don’t want a rev... Read more
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