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What You Can Expect After a Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy reversals are longer and more complicated than the original vasectomy procedure. Because of that, recovery takes more time, although it is still fairly quick. Learn more.

Do Vasectomies Reduce Your Sex Drive?

Sex after a vasectomy shouldn't be any different than it was before the procedure. The surgery doesn't touch the blood vessels or nerves involved in erections and ejaculation, and it doesn't reduce a man's ability to have or enjoy sex.

Why Sperm Bank before a Vasectomy?

Sperm banking is the collection, freezing (cryopreservation), and storage (cryobanking) of healthy sperm. Sperm are stored at very low temperatures and can remain useful even after many years of storage.

Why Sperm Bank before a Vasectomy Reversal?

Cryopreservation (freezing) and cryobanking (storage) can provide a useful backup if a vasectomy reversal procedure is not successful. While the decision to perform sperm retrieval is optional, it may prove especially beneficial if your vasectomy sugeon believes she may have to perform an epididymovasostomy.. Learn more.

What Women Want to Know about Vasectomy Reversals

The decision to reverse a vasectomy should be considered carefully by each couple. As a woman, you may have special concerns that are difficult to express.

What Women Want to Know about Vasectomies

The vasectomy procedure should be considered carefully by each man and every couple, as vasectomies should be considered permanent. As a woman, you may have special concerns that need to be addressed. Donít hesitate to ask your physician for more information.

What You Can Expect from the Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

If you're thinking about a vasectomy-reversal microsurgery, you probably also have concerns or questions about what to expect. Read more.

What You Can Expect From the Vasectomy Procedure

It's natural to be concerned about having a vasectomy, but talking with your doctor and learning how it's done can prepare you for a stress-free experience and a smooth recovery.

What You Can Expect After a Vasectomy

Vasectomy recovery time varies, but most men can return to work after two or three days and resume normal physical activity within a week. Here's what you can expect in the days and weeks after your vasectomy.

What is a Vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a brief, surgical procedure used for male sterilization. It is a popular means of birth control for couples who have decided that their family is complete.

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