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How long will a scrotal hematoma last? Could this also be causing constipation? Is heat or ice better for it? This is 16 days after a vasectomy.
No-Scalpel Vasectomy - 3 days ago1 answer
I had no-scapel vasectomy 16 days ago. I have discomfort and slight to moderate pain everyday. My doctor says I have hematoma on the right side above the testicle (probably size of large grape or bigger) and a sperm granular on left side. The hematoma is quite painful. Did the doctor doing the procedure nick a vessel or was he too rough? Now I'm off work at this point for another two weeks! I'm regretting my decision to get the vasectomy. I'm also constipated now.
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3 years ago I had testicular torsion. I had surgery and they secured my left testicle. Is it normal to feel the occasional discomfort today?
General - 6 days ago1 answer
My left testicle is roughly twice the size of my right due to the surgery. I'm not sure the exact details of what they did but they went in and secured it to ensure there would not be a recurrence.
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Why is my husband not reaching orgasm after his vasectomy?
Vasectomy - 1 week ago2 answers
My husband had his vasectomy performed 2 months ago. We've had sex, he gets aroused and has good erection but when he ejaculates he does not reach the climax. He is not having orgasms even though his erections are strong. He told me that he feels disconnected from the ejaculation. Is that normal after the period of time since the procedure? Will it get better with time?
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Husband has sperm 8 months after vasectomy. Did the procedure fail?
Vasectomy - 1 week ago1 answer
My husband had a vasectomy 8 months ago he has had more then 40 ejaculation since his surgery, or maybe even more. The semen analysis came back with more then 20 hpf. Motile and non motile sperm were seen. Could his vasectomy have failed, or can it take a long time to become sterile? Thank you.
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My husbands urologist told him seven years after a vasectomy he will be completely sterile—no sperm whatsoever. Is this true?
Vasectomy - 1 week ago2 answers
Now he doesn't want a vasectomy because even though we don't want to have kids, he doesn't want to lose his "life-giver" status.
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Can a man get his wife pregnant 8 years after a vasectomy?
Vasectomy - 2 weeks ago2 answers
I had a vasectomy eight years ago and my wife thinks she's pregnant. Is this possible that I could get her pregnant?We have not used any kind of birth control since the vasectomy. We still have a very active sex life I am 48 years old and she is 45 years old.
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May we do a vasectomy reversal even if the vasectomy failed?
Vasectomy Reversal - 2 weeks ago1 answer
I had a vasectomy 14 years ago but 13 years after, my wife ended up pregnant. We would like another child but my sperm count is low and it has been unsuccessful. Is it possible to do a vasectomy reversal, even if I was able to have one child?
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What is the chance of getting pregnant after a vasectomy?
Vasectomy - 4 weeks ago4 answers
My husband got a vasectomy when he was 26, now he is 45 and I'm 33. We want to have a baby. He has two children from a previous marriage and I have none.
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Should I think about getting a vasectomy at 50yrs old?
Vasectomy - 1 month ago1 answer
Hi. I am 50 years old. I'm single and do not want to get married and have children. I believe that I am too old to have children. Should I think about getting a vasectomy?
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Is it possible to freeze a sample of sperm after a vasectomy?
Vasectomy - 1 month ago4 answers
My partner just got a vasectomy less than a week ago and we were wondering if it were possible to maybe go to a sperm bank and store some sperm as a back up plan. I know we should have done this prior to the procedure but are just curious if it is too late now since it's only been a short time.
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If sperm are said to only live for a maximum of one week, then how would there be any living sperm left in the vas after a successful vasectomy?
Vasectomy - 1 month ago2 answers
I was curious because I recently had a vasectomy and my doctor recommended 25 ejaculations before the first test for sperm and 15 additional ejaculations before the next test for sperm. It seems to me that we are talking about several weeks at a minimum for my wife and myself to accomplish this. Why after seven days or more would there be any living sperm in the vas?
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Partner had bilateral vasectomy reversal but no fluid seenwhat does this mean?
Vasectomy Reversal - 1 month ago1 answer
Partner had bilateral vasectomy reversal which technically went well, however the surgeon said he was disappointed no fluid was seen at the time of the procedure, but this did not mean it had failed. Is it possible the sperm will return? I just want clarification on what this means.
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What is the procedure to reverse a ProVas?
Vasectomy Reversal - 2 months ago1 answer
Will you have to cut the vas deferens? Isn't it still risky to reattach if you cut them like a normal vasectomy?
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