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How can post-vasectomy pain syndrome be prevented?
Vasectomy - 7 answers
I'm considering a vasectomy but don't want to risk having post-vasectomy pain syndrome. Read more
After a vasectomy, how long does it take for dull pain to go away after ejaculation/orgasm?
Vasectomy - 1 answer
I had a vasectomy 9 days ago and my wife and I had sex on the 8th day. After orgasm my testicles had a dull/ache pain for several hours. Is this normal, when will that go away? Read more
How does me having a vasectomy compare to my wife having her tubal ligation?
Vasectomy - 5 answers
We are trying to decide which would be the best option. With the least amount of side effects and complications. Read more
I had a vasectomy five months ago. The swelling and tenderness I experienced the days following my surgery have mysteriously returned.
There is a mass on my left testicle that is painful to the touch. Walking is sometimes uncomfortable. During the surgery I experienced an immense amount of pain on the same left side. Should I be worried about ... Read more
Can you use a topical numbing cream to lessen the needle injection pain? I am having a scalpel-free vasectomy, but still have to have the injections.
They did give me a 1mg Xanax for prior to the procedure, but I'm looking to further enter my comfort zone prior to this. Read more
It has been 7 days since my vasectomy and my testicles are still very sore, tender, and in need of support. I'm becoming concerned. Should I be?
Vasectomy - 3 answers
I notice very little improvement in the symptoms since the day after the procedure. It is interfering with my daily activities. Read more
Should you be able to feel the titanium clips after the procedure?
As in, should you or your partner be able to feel them with your fingers? Should it be painful through contact? Read more
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Can u get a hydrocele after vasectomy?
Vasectomy - 2 answers
I just had a vasectomy 8 days ago. My left testicle is fine, but my right one is 3 to 4 times larger. My urologist said it was a hydrocele and it should go away on its own, but I can't find anything saying that... Read more
If I get a vasectomy and then decide I want to reverse it, does it matter how old I am?
Vasectomy Reversal - 10 answers
I'm 35 and I don't think I want to have children. If for some reason I do find someone later on in life, and I want to have kids does it matter how old I am? Could I be 45 and get a reversal? Should I not get a... Read more
I have a lump and discomfort in left testicle after vasectomy. Is this normal?
Vasectomy - 2 answers
A year and a half ago I had a vasectomy. Yesterday at work I felt some discomfort in my left testicle, I ignored it until I went home and showered. While washing I noticed a lump behind my left testicle, and it... Read more
Is open-ended testicular vasectomy better?
Vasectomy - 3 answers
How much does open v closed matter? Is there concern that open ended allows sperm into scrotal cavity, inviting an immune response there? What is the cost benefit analysis between closed and open? Read more
Due to an undescended testicle, my invasive vasectomy two years ago failed. I want to be sterile and keep my testicle. What are my options?
Vasectomy - 5 answers
An in-office vasectomy was not possible, so I was placed under general anesthesia and my undescended testicle was temporarily removed from my scrotum so that the vas deferens could be cut. The doctor was uncer... Read more
Is it possible to have my entire vas deferens removed?
Vasectomy - 3 answers
Vasectomies can and sometimes do fail. For this reason, I would like to have my entire vas deferens removed. Is this possible? Read more
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