Shawn Radcliffe

Health and Science Writer

Shawn Radcliffe is a freelance health and science writer, yoga teacher, and fiction writer based near Owen Sound, Ontario. Over the years he’s written hundreds of articles about health and science for online and print publications.

Working as a health and science writer combines two of his long-time interests – writing and science. It is also an opportunity for him to share complex health and science news or research with people in a way that not only makes sense but also piques their interest.

Throughout his professional career, Shawn has been involved in scientific research at many levels. Many of these experiences led him to become a full-time science writer. It was through these that he learned how to describe the research going on around me. This includes:

  • taking a wide range of scientific laboratory courses at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Delaware
  • conducting genetic and molecular biology research at Drexel University College of Medicine
  • helping researchers carry out their research at Drexel and the Oregon Health & Science University

Shawn’s health and science writing is well-researched, concise, and customized to fit audiences. This is backed up by many years of experience writing about health and science for universities, publishers, businesses, and online and print publications.

When he’s not writing or teaching yoga, you can often find him cross-country skiing or hiking in the forest or mountains. The same kinds of peaceful places where he once gathered pine needles as a child for my pine needle collection.

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