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What is a Vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a safe, simple and effective birth control method. Vasectomy is a brief, surgical procedure used for male sterilization. It is a popular means of birth control for couples who have decided that their family is complete: According to the American Urological Association, nearly 6 percent

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What You Can Expect From the Vasectomy Procedure

It's natural to be concerned about having a vasectomy, but talking with your doctor and learning how it's done can prepare you for a stress-free experience and a smooth recovery. Here's what to expect at each step of the way. Preparing for a vasectomy procedure Preparation for a vasectomy starts

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Vasectomy: Risks, Complications, and Side Effects

All surgeries carry some risk, but complications from vasectomy tend to be rare, minor, and seldom require intensive medical treatment. Below, find some of the most common risks and side effects for a vasectomy. If you have concerns or want more information about the possible risks, complications, ...

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No-Needle Vasectomy

If one of the things that makes you uneasy about a vasectomy is the idea of a needle near that very sensitive area, fear not. One of the newer techniques allows physicians to apply anesthetic needle-free, with virtually no pain whatsoever. Although vasectomy is a quick, safe and simple procedure,

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7 Most Common Vasectomy Surgical Techniques

A vasectomy is a surgical procedure that blocks the vas deferens, effectively stopping the flow of sperm from the testicles to the urethra (click here for more information on terms and anatomy). This is achieved through two steps: 1. Isolation of the vas deferens 2. Occlusion of the vas deferens ...

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What to Expect After a Vasectomy

Vasectomy recovery time varies, but most men can return to work after two or three days and resume normal physical activity within a week. Here's what you can expect in the days and weeks after your vasectomy. Immediately after the Procedure You should be able to go home immediately after the proc ...

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